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Great work you now know the fundamentals of using Handlebars! Let’s recap a few key points:

  • Handlebars is an external library used to create templates which are a mix of HTML, text, and expressions.
  • Handlebars uses expressions which are wrapped inside double braces like: {{someVariable}}
  • A script tag with a type of "text/x-handlebars-template" is used to deliver a template to the browser.
  • Handlebar.compile() returns a templating function from a template script intended for Handlebars.
  • A template created from .compile() will take an object as an argument and use it as context to generate a string containing HTML.
  • Handlebars has built in block helpers which can be included in a Handlebars script.
  • Block helpers have a starting expression and an ending expression. The starting expression will have a # appears before a keyword. The ending expression will have the same keyword but with a / character to denote the end.
  • The {{if}} will conditionally render a block of code.
  • An {{else}} expression can be inserted into an if helper block and used as part of the conditional statement.
  • {{each}} is another built-in helper expression which accepts an array to iterate through.
  • In the block helper functions, the {{this}} expression gives context and serves as a placeholder for the current value.


If you want to challenge yourself:

  • Add more elements and properties to the array in the languages property.
  • Re-write the code in the code editor from scratch.
  • Wrap an {{each} block inside an {{if}} block.
  • Create a separate Handlebars script and insert the finished template into a different section of the web page.

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