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Often times, it's better to display certain types of content in an easy-to-read list.

In HTML, you can use the unordered list for text you decide to format in bullet points. An unordered list outlines individual list items with a bullet point. You've probably used an unordered list when writing down a grocery list or school supplies list.

To create a unordered list using HTML, you can use the <ul> element. The <ul> element, however, cannot hold raw text and cannot automatically format raw text with bullet points. Individual list items must be added to the unordered list using the <li> element.

<ul> <li>Limes</li> <li>Tortillas</li> <li>Chicken</li> </ul>

In the example above, the list was created using the <ul> element and all individual list items were added using <li> elements.

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