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You learned that RGB and hex color codes are two different methods of representing the same thing: color. However, there is one feature that RGB colors support that hex color codes do not: opacity.

Opacity is a measure of how transparent a color is. To modify opacity in RGB colors, CSS offers the rgba() value. Note the slight difference in rgb() and rgba().

The extra a character in the rgba() value is known as the alpha value. It represents the opacity of a color. The alpha value can be a number between 0 or 1, inclusive.

h1 { color: rgba(123, 88, 9, 0.5); }

In the example above, the alpha value has been set to 0.5. This indicates that the color of the heading will be set to 50% of its normal opacity.

Note: The alpha value can also be used for HSL colors, using hsla():

h1 { color: hsla(239, 45%, 22%, 0.4); }
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