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Text Transformation

Text can also be styled to appear in either all uppercase or lowercase with the text-transform property.

h1 { text-transform: uppercase; }

The code in the example above formats all <h1> elements to appear in uppercase, regardless of the case used for the heading within the HTML code. Alternatively, the lowercase value could be used to format text in all lowercase.

Since text can be directly typed in all uppercase or lowercase within an HTML file, what is the point of a CSS rule that allows you to format letter case?

Depending on the type of content a web page displays, it may make sense to always style a specific element in all uppercase or lowercase letters. For example, a website that reports breaking news may decide to format all <h1> heading elements such that they always appear in all uppercase, as in the example above. It would also avoid uppercase text in the HTML file, which could make code difficult to read.

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