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Position: Absolute

Another way of modifying the position of an element is by setting its position to absolute.

When an element's position is set to absolute all other elements on the page will ignore the element and act like it is not present on the page.

.box-bottom { background-color: DeepSkyBlue; position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 50px; }

In the example above, the .box-bottom div will be moved down and right from the top left corner of the view. If offset properties weren't specified, the top box would be entirely covered by the bottom box. Take a look at the gif below:

The bottom box in this image (colored blue) is displaced from the top left corner of its container. It is 20 pixels lower and 50 pixels to the right of the top box.

In the next exercise we will compare the scrolling of absolute elements with fixed elements.

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