HTML Anatomy

Before we move forward, let's standardize some vocabulary we'll use as you learn HTML. Here are some of the terms you'll see used in this course:

  1. Angle brackets - In HTML, the characters < and > are known as angle brackets.

  2. HTML element (or simply, element) - HTML code that lives inside of angle brackets.

  3. Opening tag - the first, or opening, HTML tag used to start an HTML element.

  4. Closing tag - the second, or closing, HTML tag used to end an HTML element. Closing tags have a forward slash (/) inside of them.

With the exception of a few HTML elements, most elements consist of an opening and closing tag.

In the following example, there is one paragraph element, made up of one opening tag (<p>) and one closing tag (</p>):

<p>Hello there!</p>
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