Remember, the purpose of a form is to collect information that will be submitted. That’s the role of the submit button — users click on it when they are finished with filling out information in the <form> and they’re ready to send it off. Now that we’ve gone over how to create various input elements, let’s now go over how to create a submit button!

To make a submit button in a <form>, we’re going to use the reliable <input> element and set the type to "submit". For instance:

<form> <input type="submit" value="Send"> </form>

Which renders:

rendered submit button

Notice in the code snippet that the value assigned to the <input> shows up as text on the submit button. If there isn’t a value attribute, the default text, Submit shows up on the button.

Let’s now add this element to make our <form>s complete!



At the bottom of the <form> inside the element <section class="submission">, add a submit button using the <input> element.

The text inside the submit button should read: Submit.

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