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HTML files also allow you to add comments to your code.

Comments begin with <!-- and end with -->. Any characters in between will be ignored by your browser.

<!-- This is a comment that the browser will not display. -->

Including comments in your code is helpful for many reasons:

  1. They help you (and others) understand your code if you decide to come back and review it at a much later date.
  2. They allow you to experiment with new code, without having to delete old code.
<!-- Favorite Films Section --> <p>The following is a list of my favorite films:</p>

In this example, the comment is used to denote that the following text makes up a particular section of the page.

<!-- <p> Test Code </p> -->

In the example above, a valid HTML element (a paragraph element) has been “commented out.” This practice is useful when there is code you want to experiment with, or return to, in the future.



Add a comment to index.html file.

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