One of the key HTML elements we use to build a webpage is the body element. Only content inside the opening and closing body tags can be displayed to the screen. Here’s what opening and closing body tags look like:

<body> </body>

Once the file has a body, many different types of content – including text, images, and buttons – can be added to the body.

<body> <p>What's up, doc?</p> </body>



Add a body to your web page using the <body> element.


Add the following code between your opening and closing body tags:

<p>"Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now." - Audre Lorde</p>

Note: While some browsers may render some content outside body tags as well to accommodate the occasional mistake in your HTML, not all browsers do this! The best way to ensure that all your HTML renders the same way in all browsers is to ensure that your elements remain within the opening and closing body tags.

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