That’s a wrap on the lesson on information architecture and navigation. Here’s an overview of the key principles we covered:

  • Information architecture defines the organization, structure, and navigation of an interface.

  • A content inventory includes a list of every instance of digital content currently created, as well as any other relevant information about the content.

  • A content audit edits, evaluates, and prioritizes the content documented in the inventory. Audits uncover content that is outdated, incorrect, or irrelevant - as well as content that is missing and needs to be developed.

  • A site map is a visual representation of a website - outlining the site pages that different content items will go and the relationship between these pages.

  • Navigation defines the user’s path to access pages and content on an interface.

  • There are a variety of different desktop navigation practices, including top navigation, sidebar navigation, hamburger menus, and search navigation.

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