In Exercise 3, we learned that all flex items shrink proportionally when the flex container is too small. However, if the parent container is larger than necessary then the flex items will not stretch by default. The flex-grow property allows us to specify if items should grow to fill a container and also which items should grow proportionally more or less than others.

<div class='container'> <div class='side'> <h1>I’m on the side of the flex container!</h1> </div> <div class='center'> <h1>I'm in the center of the flex container!</h1> </div> <div class='side'> <h1>I'm on the other side of the flex container!</h1> </div> </div>
.container { display: flex; } .side { width: 100px; flex-grow: 1; } .center { width: 100px; flex-grow: 2; }

In the example above, the .container div has a display value of flex, so its three child divs will be positioned next to each other. If there is additional space in the .container div (in this case, if it is wider than 300 pixels), the flex items will grow to fill it. The .center div will stretch twice as much as the .side divs. For example, if there were 60 additional pixels of space, the center div would absorb 30 pixels and the side divs would absorb 15 pixels each.

If a max-width is set for an element, it will not grow larger than that even if there is more space for it to absorb.

All of the previous properties we have learned are declared on flex containers, or the parent elements. This property — flex-grow — is the first we have learned that is declared on flex items.



Assign .top.side and .top.center a flex-grow value of 1. Stretch and shrink the browser.


Assign .middle.center the flex-grow value of 1. Stretch and shrink the browser again.


Assign .bottom.side a flex-grow value of 1 and .bottom.center a flex-grow value of 2. Shrink and stretch the browser again. Compare the differences in behavior of all three sections.

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