Have you ever visited a website that seemed hard to use or navigate? Perhaps you couldn’t tell if an element was interactive or couldn’t read some of the text due to size issues. Chances are this has happened to you at least once, and it can be extremely frustrating. These problems that you encountered were likely the result of poor web accessibility.

Web accessibility is one of those aspects of web development where its presence, when implemented correctly, goes unnoticed, but its absence can destroy the user experience. There are a variety of considerations to make when making a website accessible, ranging from the size and color of the text to invisible properties that are processed by assistive tools such as screen readers.

Learning how to harness and apply the fundamental aspects of web accessibility should be a top priority for any developer looking to build an amazing, inclusive experience for all users.



Take some time to consider the code and web page to the right. There are a variety of accessibility issues present here. See how many you can spot and create a list.

When you are ready, click on the hint below to see the answer!

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