Every now and then, exciting new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features get released. However, these new features may not be immediately usable because different browsers adopt new web features at different speeds. For example, Internet Explorer did not support many CSS3 features until Microsoft Edge was released, even though many other browsers had already adopted these features by that point.

The availability of CSS features differs across browsers and their versions. Using a CSS property supported only on select browsers will create inconsistent experiences for users. Thankfully, there are tools such as caniuse.com that can help you find out what browsers support a particular CSS feature.


image of Pleasent Cafe website on Chrome and Firefox

Take a look at the images above. The image on the left shows the website rendered in Chrome, and the image on the right is the website rendered in Firefox. Notice that in Firefox, the reflected image at the bottom is not showing up.

Take a look at the caniuse.com website on the right. Search for “CSS Reflections”. Why might the reflected image not show up in Firefox?

Click to reveal the answer!

Notice that the CSS Reflections feature is not supported for all versions of Firefox.

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