Great job learning about the collections framework! In this lesson we’ve covered:

  • The collection framework hierarchy and its core interfaces.
  • The root Collection interface of the hierarchy.
  • The List interface and its ArrayList and LinkedList implementations.
  • The Set interface and its HashSet, LinkedHashSet, and TreeSet implementations.
  • The Queue interface and its LinkedList and PriorityQueue implementations.
  • The Deque interface and its LinkedList and ArrayDeque implementations.
  • The Map interface and its HashMap, LinkedHashMap, and TreeMap implementations.
  • The Collections utility algorithm static methods like sort(), binarySearch(), max(), min(), and reverse().
  • Collection stream pipelines and aggregate operations with lambdas.

Knowing these topics will help you create enterprise-level programs and handle data more efficiently by not needing to “reinvent the wheel” and fully utilize the power of the collections framework.


Use the workspace to explore collections and using lambdas to help construct pipelines.

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