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Great job! You’ve learned a lot about serialization.

In this lesson we’ve discussed how:

  • Java make serialization easy using the Serializable interface.
  • The Serializable interface is a marker interface and requires no methods to be implemented.
  • To use FileOutputStream and ObjectOutputStream to serialize objects to a file.
  • To use FileInputStream and ObjectInputStream to deserialize objects from a file.
  • static and transient fields are not serializable.
  • The JVM handles serializing objects with reference type fields.
  • To implement writeObject() to customize the serialization of an object to handle non-serializable fields.
  • To implement readObject() to customize the deserialization of an object with non-serializable fields.

Knowing these topics will improve your mastery of Java and allow you to persist your objects past program termination or transport them over a network.


Use Main.java to explore serialization and deserialization by creating new files and classes. Some ideas to explore:

  • Seeing the NotSerializableException
  • Handling transient fields with custom serialization
  • Serializing child classes with non-serializable parent classes

Have fun!

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