Way to go! Let’s review what you learned.

  • Classes are templates for objects.
  • Javascript calls a constructor method when we create a new instance of a class.
  • Inheritance is when we create a parent class with properties and methods that we can extend to child classes.
  • We use the extends keyword to create a subclass.
  • The super keyword calls the constructor() of a parent class.
  • Static methods are called on the class, but not on instances of the class.

In completing this lesson, you’ve taken one step closer to writing efficient, production-level JavaScript. Good luck as you continue to develop your skills and move into intermediate-level concepts.


If you want extra practice with inheritance, take some time to create a Doctor class that inherits from HospitalEmployee. The properties and methods for the Doctor class are listed below:


  • properties: _name, _remainingVacationDays (set to 20 inside constructor()), _insurance
  • methods: .takeVacationDays()

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