There are some cases where it is useful to connect multiple generators into one. This allows us to delegate the operations of one generator to another sub-generator. Connecting generators is similar to using the itertools chain() function to combine iterators into a single iterator.

In order to connect generators, we use the yield from statement. An example of how it is used is below:

def cs_courses(): yield 'Computer Science' yield 'Artificial Intelligence' def art_courses(): yield 'Intro to Art' yield 'Selecting Mediums' def all_courses(): yield from cs_courses() yield from art_courses() combined_generator = all_courses()

Let’s break down this example:

  • We have a generator function called cs_courses() that yields two results, 'Computer Science' and 'Artificial Intelligence'.
  • We have another generator function called art_courses() that will yield two separate results, 'Intro to Art' and 'Selecting Mediums'.
  • Our all_courses() generator function will yield results from both cs_courses() and art_courses() to create one combined generator with all four string values representing the courses.

If we iterate through each value within combined_generator using print() and next(), we can see that yield from retrieves each individual yield item at a time in the order that the yields are called within the generator functions.

print(next(combined_generator)) print(next(combined_generator)) print(next(combined_generator)) print(next(combined_generator))

Our printouts will look like the following:

Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Intro to Art Selecting Mediums

Let’s practice more examples of how to connect generators.



We have a generator function called science students(x) that yields science major students with student IDs 1 to x. We have another generator function, non_science_students(x,y), that yields non-science major students with student IDs x-y. We want to retrieve student ids in the following order:

  • Science students with IDs 1-5
  • Non-science students with IDs 10-15
  • Non-science students with IDs 25-30

Use a connected generator function called combined_students that uses yield from statements to achieve this.


Call the combined_students() combined generator function and set it to a variable named student_generator. Print out the results using a for loop.

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