When overriding methods we sometimes want to still access the behavior of the parent method. In order to do that we need a way to call the method of the parent class. Python gives us a way to do that using super().

super() gives us a proxy object. With this proxy object, we can invoke the method of an object’s parent class (also called its superclass). We call the required function as a method on super():

class Animal: def __init__(self, name, sound="Grrrr"): self.name = name self.sound = sound def make_noise(self): print("{} says, {}".format(self.name, self.sound)) class Cat(Animal): def __init__(self, name): super().__init__(name, "Meow!") pet_cat = Cat("Rachel") pet_cat.make_noise() # Rachel says, Meow!

In the above example, we have the class Animal and the subclass Cat. Animal has 2 attributes, name and sound and one method, .make_noise(). The .make_noise() method outputs the name and sound of an instance.

The Cat subclass has an .__init__() method which means the .__init__() method of its superclass, Animal will not be called when creating an instance of Cat. The .__init__() method from the subclass is overriding the one from the superclass.

To still invoke the .__init__() method of Animal, super().__init__(name, "Meow!") is called inside the subclass .__init__() method. This additional logic allows us to add the "Meow" sound from within the Cat class, but still use the .__init__() method of the Animal class.

super() is used in subclasses to invoke a needed behavior from the superclass alongside the behavior of a subclass method.



Once the managers found out that the admins were walking around just telling people they are admins, the managers stepped in and made them also say their ID.

Inside the Admin class:

  • Add a line that also calls the Employee class .say_id() method

Now the output should be the admin’s ID and that they are an admin.

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