Unlike a normal set, you can only create a frozenset using its constructor. Remember that using a frozenset means that you cannot modify the elements inside of it.

Creating a frozenset using its constructor looks like this:

# Creating a frozenset from a list frozen_music_genres = frozenset(['country', 'punk', 'rap', 'techno', 'pop', 'latin'])

We can also create an empty frozenset:

empty_frozen_music_genres = frozenset()

Let’s practice creating a frozenset in our music application!



After calculating the results for the top music genres from the survey, your teammates have sent you a list containing the top three results.

In order to preserve this data and prevent it from being modified, create a frozenset called frozen_top_genres from the top_genres data. Print our frozen_top_genres to see it!

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