In Java, the length() string method returns the length ⁠— total number of characters ⁠— of a String.

Suppose we have a String called str, str.length() would return its length.

Take a look at this code for example:

String str = "Hello World!"; System.out.println(str.length());

12 would be printed because str has 12 characters:

H e l l o _ W o r l d !

In theory, the length of a String is the same as the Unicode units of the String. For example, escape sequences such as \n count as only one character.



Twitter allows users to post tweets with a character limit. They capture the message the user enters as a String, count the length of the message, and use its length to decide whether or not to let the user post the message. The limit is 280 characters.

Let’s check tweet follow’s Twitter’s policy. Print out the number of characters in tweet using the length() method.

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