Conditionals and Control Flow

Boolean Operators: ||

Great! The second Boolean operator that we will explore is called or.

  1. The or operator is represented in Java by ||.
  2. It returns a Boolean value of true when at least one expression on either side of || is true.

The code below shows all the outcomes of the Boolean operator ||:

//The "or" Boolean operator:

System.out.println(false || false); // prints false
System.out.println(false || true); // prints true
System.out.println(true || false); // prints true
System.out.println(true || true); // prints true

We can also use the Boolean operator || with Boolean expressions such as the following:

System.out.println(2 > 1 || 3 > 4);

The example above will print out true because at least one statement — "2 is greater than 1" — is true even though the other statement — "3 is greater than 4" — is false.

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