Great work! Control flow allows Java programs to execute code blocks depending on Boolean expressions. What did we learn about control flow so far?

  • Boolean Operators: &&, ||, and ! are used to build Boolean expressions and have a defined order of operations

  • Statements: if, if/else, and if/else if/else statements are used to conditionally execute blocks of code

  • Ternary Conditional: a shortened version of an if/else statement that returns a value based on the value of a Boolean expression

  • Switch: allows us to check equality of a variable or expression with a value that does not need to be a Boolean



Use the precedence rules to help you evaluate the Boolean expression in the single line comment above the tricky variable.

Then, set the boolean variable tricky equal to the result (either true or false).


Change the Boolean expression in the if statement so that your program will print out the code in the else block instead.


Set the value of the int variable subwayTrain equal to the case that will print "This is a Brooklyn bound train!" to the console.

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