We can also insert new elements into an ArrayList.

To insert new elements into an ArrayList, we can use a slightly different version of the add method that you previously used:

ArrayList<Integer> quizGrades = new ArrayList<Integer>(); quizGrades.add(95); quizGrades.add(87); quizGrades.add(73); quizGrades.add(0, 100); System.out.println( quizGrades.get(0) );

The example above will print out the grade 100.

The add method will insert the grade 100 at the first position (0) into the list. Since it inserts a new element into the beginning of the ArrayList, all other element indices will be shifted one position higher. The grade 95 is now at index 1.



Insert a new temperature of 111 at index 2.


On the next line, use the get method to print out the temperature 89.

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