Finding bugs is a huge part of a programmer’s life. Don’t be intimidated by them… embrace them. Errors in your code mean you’re trying to do something cool!

In this lesson, we have learned about the three types of Java errors:

  • Syntax errors: Errors found by the compiler.
  • Run-time errors: Errors found by checks in a running program.
  • Logic errors: Errors found by the programmer looking for the causes of erroneous results.

Remember, Google and Stack Overflow are a programmer’s best friends. For some more motivation, check out this blog post: Thinking About Errors in Your Code Differently.

Sometimes once you’ve tracked down a bug, you might still be confused on how to fix it! Whenever you want to know more about how Java works and what it can do, the best place to go is documentation. You can find the Java documentation at Oracle.


We wish you the best of luck in your bug-squashing journey.

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