With arrays, we can use bracket notation to access a value at a particular index:

double[] ratings = {3.2, 2.5, 1.7}; System.out.println(ratings[1]);

This code prints 2.5, the value at index 1 of the array.

For ArrayLists, bracket notation won’t work. Instead, we use the method get() to access an index:

ArrayList<String> shoppingCart = new ArrayList<String>(); shoppingCart.add("Trench Coat"); shoppingCart.add("Tweed Houndstooth Hat"); shoppingCart.add("Magnifying Glass"); System.out.println(shoppingCart.get(2));

This code prints "Magnifying Glass", which is the value at index 2 of the ArrayList.



Use get() to access the third to-do element of sherlocksToDos and print the result.


Use get() to access the second to-do element of poirotsToDos and print the result.

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