What if we had a really large list and wanted to know the position of a certain element in it? For instance, what if we had an ArrayList detectives with the names of fictional detectives in chronological order, and we wanted to know what position "Fletcher" was.

// detectives holds ["Holmes", "Poirot", "Marple", "Spade", "Fletcher", "Conan", "Ramotswe"]; System.out.println(detectives.indexOf("Fletcher"));

This code would print 4, since "Fletcher" is at index 4 of the detectives ArrayList.



After visiting the crime scene, the ever-impatient Dr. Watson wants to know how many to-dos are left until Sherlock solves the case.

To help Dr. Watson figure this out, use indexOf() to determine where in the to-do list "solve the case" is.

Print this information out. That’s the number of to-dos remaining before Sherlock reaches "solve the case".

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