Imagine that we’re using a program to keep track of the prices of different clothing items we want to buy. We would want a list of the prices and a list of the items they correspond to. To create an array, we provide a name and declare the type of data it holds:

double[] prices;

Just like with variables, we can declare and initialize in the same line. This allows us to explicitly initialize the array to contain the data we want to store :

double[] prices = {13.15, 15.87, 14.22, 16.66};

We can use arrays to hold Strings and other objects as well as primitives:

String[] clothingItems = {"Tank Top", "Beanie", "Funny Socks", "Corduroys"};



We have an empty Newsfeed class that does not store anything yet.

First, make a method called getTopics(), which:

  • is public
  • returns a String array
  • does not take any parameters

For now, leave the method empty.


Inside the getTopics() method, create a String array called topics and set it equal to an array containing these elements, in order:

Opinion Tech Science Health

Then, return topics from the method!


Uncomment the lines in the main method to see how the getTopics() method works on a Newsfeed instance.

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