Conditional Statements

Ternary Operator

In the spirit of using short-hand syntax, we can use a ternary operator to simplify an if...else statement.

Take a look at the if...else statement example:

let isNightTime = true;

if (isNightTime) {
  console.log('Turn on the lights!');
} else {
  console.log('Turn off the lights!');

We can use a ternary operator to perform the same functionality:

isNightTime ? console.log('Turn on the lights!') : console.log('Turn off the lights!');

In the example above:

  • The condition, isNightTime, is provided before the ?.
  • Two expressions follow the ? and are separated by a colon :.
  • If the condition evaluates to true, the first expression executes.
  • If the condition evaluates to false, the second expression executes.

Like if...else statements, ternary operators can be used for conditions which evaluate to true or false.

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