Way to go! Here are some of the major concepts for conditionals:

  • An if statement checks a condition and will execute a task if that condition evaluates to true.
  • if...else statements make binary decisions and execute different code blocks based on a provided condition.
  • We can add more conditions using else if statements.
  • Comparison operators, including <, >, <=, >=, ===, and !== can compare two values.
  • The logical and operator, &&, or “and”, checks if both provided expressions are truthy.
  • The logical operator ||, or “or”, checks if either provided expression is truthy.
  • The bang operator, !, switches the truthiness and falsiness of a value.
  • The ternary operator is shorthand to simplify concise if...else statements.
  • A switch statement can be used to simplify the process of writing multiple else if statements. The break keyword stops the remaining cases from being checked and executed in a switch statement.


In main.js, practice the skills you learned in this lesson.

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