Excellent work! You’ve completed the final lesson on variables and learned the fundamentals of numbers in Kotlin. Let’s review what was covered.

  • The Number superclass contains Int, Long, Short, Byte, Float and Double data types.
  • The arithmetic operators supported by Kotlin include +, -, *, / and %.
  • Augmented assignment operators include an arithmetic and assignment operator used to calculate and reassign a value in one step.
  • The increment operator includes two consecutive plus operators, ++, used to add 1 to a value and reassign the result.
  • The decrement operator includes two consecutive minus operators, --, used to subtract one from a value and reassign the result.
  • The order of operations includes parentheses, multiplication, division, modulus, addition and subtraction.
  • The Math library is inherited from Java and contains various mathematical functions for use in a Kotlin program.

Feel free to utilize the empty Review.kt file and output terminal on the right to hone your understanding of numbers and practice writing Kotlin code.


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