In this lesson, we’ll continue working with variables and take a deeper dive into the data types Strings and Characters.

illustration of a String

Recall that a String in Kotlin is a sequence of characters wrapped in double-quotes. Its characters can include various combinations of digits, letters, symbols, and whitespace.

var variableName: String = "some text"  

Strings are made up of characters and in Kotlin, a character is a data type representing a single letter, digit, or symbol wrapped in single quotes. It is denoted by the Char type.

var variableName: Char = 'A' 

Some things to keep in mind about characters:

  • The character, 'A', is not the same as 'a' as these letters represent different Unicodes and won’t be recognized as equivalent by the compiler.

  • The character, '1', is not the same as the integer, 1, as these values signify two different types of data: Char and Int.

Reference Kotlin’s documentation to learn more about Strings and Characters.


Take a look at the code editor on the right and observe some of the shorthand variable declarations for String and Char values.

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