LOLCODE has 5 basic types of variables:

  • NOOB: not yet given a type
  • NUMBR: integers (whole numbers)
  • NUMBAR: floats (decimal numbers)
  • YARN: string (text)
  • TROOF: booleans (WIN and FAIL, equivalent to true and false)

So far, we’ve only seen strings being used in LOLCODE. This lesson will dive into the NUMBR and NUMBAR data types.

NOOB refers to a newbie, or someone who’s new.
NUMBR and NUMBAR are “numbers.”
YARN means “to tell a story.”
TROOF means “truer than truth.”



Create a variable named count and store an integer in it.

Then print the variable with VISIBLE.


Create a variable named age and assign it a decimal value.

Print the age variable as well.

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