Similarly, LOLCODE supports equivalents of the * and / operators:

BTW Multiplication PRODUKT OF x AN y BTW Division QUOSHUNT OF x AN y

These follow the same rules as adding or subtracting: if either is already a NUMBAR, the result is too; otherwise, the result is a NUMBR.

For dividing, if both numbers are NUMBRs, any remainder will be truncated, like when converting from a NUMBAR to a NUMBR.



Print out the result of multiplying 3 and 4.


Create a variable named capacity equal to 9.


Create a variable named roughCapacity equal to capacity divided by 2 and print it out. Note how the number is rounded to the nearest integer.


Create a variable named exactCapacity, and this time use a floating point NUMBAR to set it to the result of dividing capacity in two.

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