Traditional arithmetic operations are supported on numeric types in LOLCODE:

BTW Addition SUM OF x AN y BTW Subtraction DIFF OF x AN y BTW Multiplication PRODUKT OF x AN y BTW Division QUOSHUNT OF x AN y

Let’s start with the two most basic:

  • SUM OF: Creates the sum of x and y (equivalent to x + y in most languages)
  • DIFF OF: Subtracts y from x (equivalent to x - y in most languages)

If either number in an operation is a NUMBAR, the result will be too. Otherwise the result will be a NUMBR.

BTW equates to 7 SUM OF 3 AN 4

Multiple operations can be within the same statement, and will follow the traditional order as with other programming languages.

BTW equates to 5 DIFF OF SUM OF 3 AN 4 AN 2



Print out the sum of 1 and 2.


Print the result of adding 7 to the difference of 70 and 13.

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