Most programming languages have some way of embedding specialized characters in strings that need to be presented in an unusual way. For example, “newline” characters (often represented by \n) indicate to move to the next line when printing.

LOLCODE has a few of these characters, and they all start with a : colon:

  • :) represents a newline (\n)
  • :> represents a tab (\t)
  • :" represents a literal double quote (“)

Because : colons are used to indicate a subsequent special character, :: represents a printing a single : colon.



Print your first name on one line and your last name on the next line using a single VISIBLE command containing a :).


Print your name indented by a :> tab.


Print a string containing your first name, " double-apostrophes around a nickname for yourself, and your last name.


Print a string containing your first name, your last name, and : The Magnificent.

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