Great work! You’ve made this survey site much easier to understand and interact with! Let’s review what changes you made to improve usability:

  1. Added styles to make links recognizable and distinguishable from ordinary text.
  2. Added link styles that depend upon mouse interaction state, providing users with visual feedback for cursor hovering and mouse clicks.
  3. Added additional context text with the HTML title attribute.
  4. Styled buttons to be easily recognizable (in both skeuomorphic and flat design styles) using box shapes, border, hover, and active states.

Remember that the styles that you implemented here are only one of countless ways to communicate clickability and provide users with visual feedback. There is a huge amount of opportunity for variety and creativity while still following best practices and common user experience patterns.


Congratulations! Feel free to continue tweaking or improving the style in the workspace or move on when you’re ready.

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