Congratulations! You made your first game, Color a Pegasus! Over the course of this lesson you created the sequence of event handlers to:

  • Own and update the state of the game.
  • Update the color of specific parts of the pegasus in the game
  • Highlight GameObjects to indicate what will be clicked on

You’ve displayed a lot of control over the possible mouse cursor events and successfully used that control to build a coloring game! Good job!


If you want to build on this game think about ways you could:

  • Add a new color to the palette.
  • Color in the background as well as the pegasus.
  • Put the palette on the top, or down the side of the game.
  • Color in a set of different shapes that you supply (you can use sprites or images instead of curves built into Phaser).
  • Add music.
  • Anything else you come up with to update and improve the game!

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