Now that we’ve covered drawing a sprite, let’s talk about drawing a background image. A background image is not a sprite — usually the player will not interact with the background at all. Because of this, we don’t need a sprite object for our background images. We still need to load in the image in our preload() function but we can use this.add.image() instead of this.add.sprite():

function preload() { this.load.image('bg', 'assets/images/bg.png'); } function create() { this.add.image(200, 200, 'bg'); }

Above, we load in our background image from the path assets/images/bg.png and use the key bg to refer to it. In create() we add the image, centered at (200, 200) — 200 pixels to the right of the left edge and 200 pixels down from the top edge.



In preload(), load in our Sky background image from 'https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-phaser/sky.jpg' and give it the key 'sky'.


In create() add our background image by calling this.add.image() with an x value, a y value, and our key 'sky'.

Notice how the x and y values dictate the center of the image. Try giving negative values for both and see how much of the image you can see!

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