What if we wanted something to happen after a tween finished playing? Or while it’s looping? How about before it starts playing? Conveniently, Phaser allows us to provide the tween with callback functions.

To use these callbacks, inside the object we passed to this.anims.add(), we assign the following keys callback functions:

  • onStart - if we want a function to execute when the tween starts.
  • onYoyo - if we want a function to execute when the tween starts going back to the original position.
  • onRepeat - if we want a function to execute each time the tween plays.
  • onComplete - if we want a function to execute when the tween finishes.

If we wanted to remove our sprite after its tween finished playing, we could call:

class ExampleScene extends Phaser.Scene { // … Previous code create () { gameState.moveTween = this.tweens.add({ targets: gameState.exampleSprite, x: 300, ease: 'Linear', duration: 3000, repeat: 1, yoyo: true, // Will execute after the tween finishes playing: onComplete: function() { gameState.exampleSprite.destroy(); } }); gameState.moveTween.play(); } }

With our tween in place, after our tween plays, the callback for onComplete executes, and destroys gameState.exampleSprite!

Let’s incorporate a tween callback in our code.



We’ve provided a new function growSnowman inside of create(). We want to execute this function every time the tween repeats.

Inside the argument passed into this.tweens.add(), add a key of onRepeat and assign it a value of growSnowman.

After you clear this checkpoint, you should see the snowman grow every time the tween repeats! Now Codey has to reach the exits before the snowman gets too big!

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