If we want to create a side-scrolling platformer, we better make some platforms for the player to jump on! We’ve created a static group for our platforms as before. But how do we decide where to place these platforms? This is a design choice, but we can at least make the design easier to accomplish by parsing out x and y-coordinates and placing our platforms on a grid.

Creating a system for our levels is important! We’ll be able to create multiple levels using this tool and this will allow us to separate out the code creating the levels from the code that places all of the platforms.



We’ve created a function called .createPlatform() that takes an xIndex and a yIndex to create our platforms. Locate the .levelSetup() method and add in a call to this.createPlatform() within the for-loop to add platforms to our game!

Use the xIndex and yIndex variables created by looping over this.heights as arguments.

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