Now you have the ability to repeat execution of code blocks as necessary in your PHP programs.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this lesson:

  • while loops execute only as long as their conditional evaluates to TRUE.
  • dowhile loops always execute at least once and then continue executing while their conditional is TRUE.
  • for loops contain 3 expressions and are frequently used to execute a code block a specific number of times.
    • The first expression is executed prior to the first iteration.
    • The second expression is evaluated prior to each iteration. If TRUE, the code block executes. Otherwise, the loop terminates.
    • The third expression is evaluated after each iteration.
  • foreach loops are used for iterating over the elements of an array. The key and value of each element is available in the code block.
  • break is used to end execution of a loop early.
  • continue is used to end execution of a loop iteration early and continues to the next iteration.


The workspace contains some examples of loops in PHP. You can use this as a sandbox to make sure you understand these concepts.

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