In this lesson, we’ve explored form validation from many angles. Let’s review what we covered:

  • Modern websites require a lot of information from their users and they collect a lot of this information through HTML forms.
  • It’s essential to validate the data submitted through forms to keep websites secure and to make sure they function correctly.
  • Regular expressions are sequences of characters that define patterns to look for in text. They are an important tool used in validating input.
  • Modern HTML comes with useful built-in methods for form validation.
  • Custom and complicated client-side validation can be accomplished with JavaScript.
  • Asynchronous requests to the server can perform back-end validations before a form has been submitted.
  • A final back-end validation of all data is required to ensure an application’s security and sanitize all data.


Whew! You learned a lot. Now take a rest and enjoy this comic by cartoonist Randall Munroe (XKCD). You deserve a laugh.

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