Now you have the knowledge to create your own classes and objects in PHP using OOP! Take some time to review the concepts before moving on:

  • Classes are defined using the class keyword.
  • Functions defined within a class become methods and variables within the class are considered properties.
  • There are three levels of visibility for class members:
    • public (default) - accessible from outside of the class
    • protected - only accessible within the class or its descendants
    • private - only accessible within the defining class
  • Members can be defined to be static.
    • Static members are accessed using the Scope Resolution Operator (::).
  • Classes are instantiated into objects using the new keyword.
    • Members of an object are accessed using the Object Operator (->).


We’ve included some examples of using classes in PHP. Use this space to play around with the concepts and move on when you are ready.

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