In this lesson, we’ve learned some basic tools to validate HTML forms on the back-end using PHP. We learned how to send meaningful feedback to our users when their inputs are invalid. But what should we do if the user has submitted a valid form?

So far, we’ve been sending the users back to the same form whether there were errors in their submission or not. We’ve indicated the form was successfully submitted by conditionally displaying a message, but this isn’t always a great user experience. Think of what happens when you log in to your email. Usually, once a form has been submitted successfully, the user is rerouted to an entirely different page.

We can use the PHP header() function to perform redirects. We call the header() function on a string that begins with "Location: ", followed by the URL we want to redirect the user to. For example: "Location: https://www.best-puppy-pix.com/". After invoking the header() function we’ll want to use the language construct exit to terminate the current script.

To work properly, the header() function needs to be run before anything is output by the script—this includes HTML. So we’ll include it in our PHP script before our file outputs any HTML:

if (/* Is the submission data validated? */) { header("Location: https://www.best-puppy-pix.com/"); exit; }

Awesome. Let’s try it out!



In the code editor, we’ve started you out with the login form we worked on earlier. Previously, when users successfully submitted this form, we merely notified them with a message on the same form. Let’s reroute them to a new page instead!

In the if block where we’ve checked that the username exists and that the provided password matches that username’s password, invoke the header() function.

We’ve provided the HTML file to which users should be routed. Since everything exists within the same directory locally, you should just use the file name as the URL: success.html.

After invoking the header() function, use the exit language construct to stop the script.


Awesome! Everything should be working properly. Check your form with valid and invalid credentials to make sure.

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