In this lesson, you’ve begun to learn how to use PHP to generate HTML. This will become even more powerful as we learn how to get information from the client and use that to create dynamic websites.

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far:

  • The front-end of a website consists of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, images, and other static assets sent to the client.
  • When we navigate to a website the browser is the client, and it sends a request to the back-end for all the assets needed to view and interact with the website.
  • The back-end consists of a web server and all the logic and data needed to create and maintain a website or web application.
  • PHP is a back-end language.
  • PHP can be used to generate HTML files.
  • We embed PHP scripts within HTML by inserting PHP code between the opening (<?php) and closing (?>) tags.

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