One frequent pattern that we encounter is iterating over an array using a foreach loop and creating HTML elements using the items from the array. The following approach does not work as one might hope:

<?php $array = ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"]; foreach($array as $name): ?> <p>$name</p> <?php endforeach; ?>

Since we are in HTML mode and not PHP mode when using $name here, it will simply print $name, instead of the corresponding item from the array.

Because of this behavior, it’s important to remember to re-enter PHP mode before using PHP variables. This can be done using the <?php opening and ?> closing tags. If you are going to simply be printing the variable using echo, you can also use the echo shorthand opening tag (<?=).

With this, our example can be fixed like this:

<?php $array = ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"]; foreach($array as $name): ?> <p><?=$name?></p> <?php endforeach; ?>



We’ve updated our shoe shop and want to tell the customer how many brands of each type of shoe we stock.

The current code is close, but it is printing the variable names to the site instead of their corresponding values.

Update the code to use the echo shorthand to correctly print the variable values to the browser.

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