PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language. This means that we can run individual commands within the terminal as well as create and execute more complex scripts. Both are equally useful when automating computer administration tasks.

While most computing interfaces involve a GUI, Graphical User Interface, there is a clear reason why developers and administrators still use command-line tools like PowerShell: they are just better at certain tasks.

If we look at essential file system management, creating folders for 20 users might involve dozens or hundreds of mouse movements and clicks using a graphical interface. Alternatively, a single command in the PowerShell terminal can take a list of names and create folders for each.

The above example gets more convincing when our users are in the thousands, and the tasks for each user become more complex. While graphical interfaces can be programmed to perform any group of actions, it is quicker and cheaper to accomplish our goals using PowerShell.


Using terminal output is the main way to receive feedback from PowerShell commands and scripts. Give it a try!

Enter the following command into the command line and hit Enter.

Write-Host "Hello, World!"

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