So far we have learned:

  • How to create a dictionary
  • How to add elements to a dictionary
  • How to update elements in a dictionary
  • How to use a dict comprehension to create a dictionary from two lists

Let’s practice these skills!



We are building a music streaming service. We have provided two lists, representing songs in a user’s library and the amount of times each song has been played.

Using a dict comprehension, create a dictionary called plays that goes through zip(songs, playcounts) and creates a song:playcount pair for each song in songs and each playcount in playcounts.


Print plays.


After printing plays, add a new entry to it. The entry should be for the song "Purple Haze" and the playcount is 1.


This user has caught Aretha Franklin fever and listened to “Respect” 5 more times. Update the value for "Respect" to be 94 in the plays dictionary.


Create a dictionary called library that has two key: value pairs:

  • key "The Best Songs" with a value of plays, the dictionary you created
  • key "Sunday Feelings" with a value of an empty dictionary

Print library.

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