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Learn Python: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Classes are designed to allow for more code reuse, but what if we need a class that looks a lot like a class we already have? If the bulk of a class’s definition is useful, but we have a new use case that is distinct from how the original class was used, we can inherit from the original class. Think of inheritance as a remix — it sounds a lot like the original, but there’s something… different about it.

class User: is_admin = False def __init__(self, username) self.username = username class Admin(User): is_admin = True

Above we defined User as our base class. We want to create a new class that inherits from it, so we created the subclass Admin. In the above example, Admin has the same constructor as User. Only the class variable is_admin is set differently between the two.

Sometimes a base class is called a parent class. In these terms, the class inheriting from it, the subclass, is also referred to as a child class.



In we’ve already defined the class Bin. Create a subclass of Bin called RecyclingBin.

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