In the previous exercise, we used len() to get a slice of characters at the end of a string.

There’s a much easier way to do this — we can use negative indices! Negative indices count backward from the end of the string, so string_name[-1] is the last character of the string, string_name[-2] is the second last character of the string, etc.

Here are some examples:

favorite_fruit = 'blueberry' print(favorite_fruit[-1]) # => 'y' print(favorite_fruit[-2]) # => 'r' print(favorite_fruit[-3:]) # => 'rry'

Notice that we are able to slice the last three characters of ‘blueberry’ by having a starting index of -3 and omitting a final index.



Use negative indices to find the second to last character in company_motto. Save this to the variable second_to_last.


Use negative indices to create a slice of the last 4 characters in company_motto. Save this to the variable final_word.

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